Raven Rock Ramble 2019


This page lists the riders who have signed up for the 2019 Raven Rock Ramble.

2019 Raven Rock Ramble Riders

Note: the above link is for a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

A few notes about the data:

  1. The data is sorted by last name.
  2. In the interest of privacy, only the first initial is shown.
  3. The 'Seq' field indicates the order received.
  4. The 'Prior RRRs' column shows the prior number of Raven Rock Rambles ridden, based on the email address used to register.
  5. The "Tee" column shows tee shirt size or hat requested ("None" means no tee shirt or hat was requested).  Please note the size charts carefully to select the proper fit.

    Quick-dry tee shirts

    Men's Zorrel Boston Quick-Dry Crew Neck Tee   Women's Zorrel Women's Marathon V-Neck Tee
    XS (36-38) W_XS
    S (38-40) W_S (Size 4-6, 30-32)
    M (40-42) W_M (Size 8-10, 32-34)
    L (42-44) W_L (Size 12-14, 36-38)
    XL (44-46) W_XL (Size 16-18, 39-41)
    2X (46-48) W_2X (Size 20-22, 42-43)
    3X (48-50)

    Cotton tee shirts

    Men's Next Level Apparel Men's CVC Crew  (note sizes) Women's Next Level Apparel Women's Ideal Tee  (note sizes)
    XSC (35) W_XSC (29.5)
    SC (38) W_SC (31.2)
    MC (41) W_MC (33.2)
    LC (44) W_LC (35.2)
    XLC (48) W_XLC (38.2)
    2XC (52) W_2XC (41.2)
    3XC (56) W_3XC (44.2)
    4XC (60) W_4XC (not available))


    Big Accessories BA503 Mesh Runner, embroidered
    H_B: Black
    H_W: White

    You can send an email requesting a different size up until Friday, April 12, 2019. 
  6. The "Donor" column indicates whether you registered as an organ donor, and thus whether you qualify for the Special offer.  You can send an email to change your donor status up until Friday, April 19, 2019.

Riders from previous years