Raven Rock Ramble 2018

Tee Shirt & Hat Request Form

Each registered rider receives an event tee shirt or hat.  If you are registered, you can see your choice on the Riders page. If you wish to change that choice, send an email to director@ravenrockramble.org to request the change.

Use this form to request an additional 2018 Raven Rock Ramble tee shirt and/or hat. The cost for each item is $20, plus an additional $5 if you want it mailed to you. Use the Comments field for any additional instructions or information.

All items must be paid for in advance. Shirts will only be guaranteed if requested and paid for by Friday, April 13, 2018. See the Artwork page to see the Raven Rock Ramble tee shirt art. Hats and shirts won't be available until May 1, 2018.

Tee Shirt Yes, I want an RRR 2018 tee shirt ($20, select style and size below)

XS (36-38)  S (38-40)  M (40-42)  L (42-44)  XL (44-46)  2X (46-48)  3X (48-50) 
XS (Size 2, 28-30)  S (Size 4-6, 30-32)  M (Size 8-10, 32-34)  L (Size 12-14, 36-38) 
XL (Size 16-18, 39-41)  2X (Size 20-22, 42-43) 

S (38)  M (41)  L (44)  XL (46.5)  2X (50)  3X (52.5) 
XS (30.5)  S (32)  M (34)  L (36)  XL (39)  2X (42)  3X (44.5) 
Hat Yes, I want an RRR 2018 hat ($20)
Delivery Include with my rider packet Pick up shirt at event Mail shirt/hat to me ($5 S&H)
= required field