Raven Rock Ramble 2019

The Money

100% of the proceeds from the Raven Rock Ramble, minus expenses, goes to the UNC Kidney Center’s Dialysis Patient Assistance Fund. This page describes the how patients are helped by this fund, the expenses for the Raven Rock Ramble itself, and the revenue sources for the event.

What you need to know:

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How patients are helped

Dialysis is a thrice-weekly event of 3-4 hours that makes sustaining full-time employment very difficult. On average, only about 6% of patients who are employed when they begin dialysis remain employed one year later. This reality places a genuine strain on families' finances. UNC Kidney Center providers (physicians, nurses and social workers) can request financial assistance for patients who need help with essentials such as utility expenses, transportation, medication, housing expenses and medical equipment. From June 2014 through June 2015, $40,783 in assistance was awarded to 247 patients. The average award was $165 and the maximum award per patient annually is $300. The Raven Rock Ramble provided 66% of these funds, with the remainder coming from the UNC Kidney Center’s Kidney Kare Run and private donations. Following its tenth-year anniversary, the Kidney Kare Run is being discontinued and the Raven Rock Ramble will become the primary funding source for helping dialysis patients.

Dr. Ron Falk, Department of Medicine chairman and director of the UNC Kidney Center, says that, "The Raven Rock Ramble is comparable to having a $500,000 endowment, but without the associated management expenses!" Every participant, volunteer, and donor contributes to the UNC Kidney Center’s capacity to help dialysis patients with essential emergent needs.

Three quick stories that tell it all

  1. Several years ago a patient is eastern NC was going hungry due to worn dentures. Medicaid will only replace dentures every 8 years, but this patient had three more years before new dentures could be requested. With no money to replace the dentures, the patient was losing weight and his overall health was deteriorating. Using Dialysis Patient Assistance funds, the UNC Kidney Center was able to purchase a new set of dentures and the patient was able to return to a better diet and improved health.

  2. Last year, a young dialysis patient was missing essential dialysis treatments because the family vehicle would not run. With no public transportation available and no friends or neighbors who could afford to make the trip to Chapel Hill, the mother called her UNC Kidney Center social worker in desperation—the Dialysis Patient Assistance Fund worked with a local mechanic to order a new engine part and get it installed. This was a lifesaving event for the young patient.

  3. Last December, a dialysis patient was found to be living in a rental house that was infested with insects. The owner refused to pay for extermination services, and the patient did not have funds to place a deposit on another residence. The Dialysis Patient Assistance Fund was used to make a deposit to secure another, healthier rental for the patient.

UNC Kidney Center Dialysis Patient Assistance Fund Disburcements

Raven Rock Ramble expenses

For the three years from 2013-2015, The Raven Rock Ramble has averaged just under $36,000 in income, and averaged just over $14,000 in expenses. The tee shirts are the biggest expense by far at almost 2/3 of the total. This is a conscious choice, as the shirts are known for their quality and are used to help brand the event.

The full list of expenses is described in the charts, below.

Raven Rock Ramble revenue vs expense chart Raven Rock Ramble expenses chart
Expense amounts by category
(per-year average)
Category Amount Percent
Tee shirts $8974 64.1%
Sag supplies 1498 10.7%
Insurance 1100 7.9%
Porta-johns 632 4.5%
Hats 449 3.2%
Pint glasses 346 2.5%
Office supplies 225 1.6%
Artwork 225 1.6%
Postage 186 1.3%
Park rental 147 1.0%
Copies 142 1.0%
Paint 53 0.4%
Post-ride survey 17 0.1%
Web hosting fee 14 0.1%

Raven Rock Ramble revenue

Raven Rock Ramble revenue chart
Revenue amounts by category
(per-year average)
Category Amount Percent
Registrations $24525 68.1%
Rider Donations 4048 11.2%
Corporate Sponsors 3620 10.1%
Private Sponsors 1937 5.4%
Donations & Sales 1857 5.2%

Note: amounts do not include in-kind donations from sponsors such as Moe's Southwest Grill, Maola Milk, etc.