Raven Rock Ramble 2020


There are many, many opportunities to contribute to the cause.  If you're willing to help, either before, during, or after the ride, please complete the form below. I'll contact you promptly so we can chat about your interests and the available opportunities.  See the Volunteer Assignments page for the task lists and current assignments. 

If you should be interested in a financial contribution, I encourage you check out the Sponsor Information page.

Thanks for your help!

Tee Shirt / Hat XS (36-38)  S (38-40)  M (40-42)  L (42-44)  XL (44-46)  2X (46-48)  3X (48-50) 
XS (Size 2, 28-30)  S (Size 4-6, 30-32)  M (Size 8-10, 32-34)  L (Size 12-14, 36-38) 
XL (Size 16-18, 39-41)  2X (Size 20-22, 42-43) 

XS (35)  S (38)  M (41)  L (44)  XL (48)  2X (52)  3X (56)  4X (60) 
XS (29.5)  S (31.2)  M (33.2)  L (35.2)  XL (38.2)  2X (41.2)  3X (44.2) 

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No tee shirt or hat, thank-you I am already registered as a rider
Volunteer activities I am willing to help with (check all that apply):
Preparing food (e.g., baking cookies)
Clean & pack trailer (Sunday, April 26)
Packet preparation (Monday, April 27)
Stuffing rider packets (Wednesday, April 29)
Packet pick-up at bike shop  (Friday, May 1 or Saturday, May 2)
Picking up items (e.g., ice, bagels, etc)
Organize sag supplies (Saturday morning, May 2)
Sort sag supplies (day of event)
Staffing registration table (day of event)
Directing parking (day of event)
Staffing sag (rest) stop (day of event)
Driving support vehicle (day of event)
Cleanup (afternoon of event)
Other (please describe in Comments section, below)
Vehicle (what type vehicle do you drive? For Sag Stop volunteers)
= required field

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